Embark on a dreamy underwater odyssey, here you effortlessly explore the enchanting undersea world while seated in comfort. Glide through the ocean’s depths, allowing the tranquil currents to carry you as you uncover the secrets of the seabed. You can ride your sub scooter solo or seated one behind the other, two people on one of the Sub scooters is twice the fun!Enjoy watching the colourful fish as you move along three metres under the Indian Ocean. Travelling at a leisurely 3 km per hour you will be able to take in all the wonderful marine life . Kids as from 8 years old. Cancellation policy Bookings cancelled 48 hours or more prior to the day of the excursion will be subjected to 50% cancellation charge. Bookings cancelled 24 hours or less prior to the day of excursions will be subjected to 100% cancellation charge.

1 Days
Group Size
  • Tour Highights (Effortless Seabed Exploration: Effortlessly glide through the ocean’s depths, surrendering to the gentle currents as you immerse yourself in an underwater realm like no other.)
  • Up-Close Marine Encounters (Delve into the heart of this captivating world and forge intimate connections with the mesmerizing marine life that calls it home.)
  • Ease & Excitement Combined (Whether you’re a seasoned diver or a first-timer, our subscooter adventure offers a unique and effortless way to explore the ocean depths. Designed with safety and accessibility in mind. Safe for non divers and non swimmers.)
  • Included (The pilot must be over 16 and the passenger over 8 years of age.)
  • Included (This activity is not allowed for pregnant ladies and persons suffering from cardiac and cardiovascular diseases, respiratory and ear afflictions.)
  • Included (Bring your own swimming suits or shorts and atowel; A diving suit will be provided free of charge.)
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