Predator Kingdom

Paddock camel ride
the famous activity that offers the wonderful chance to ride a camel in their paddock. Unwind and take in the carefree gait of the camels as they stroll leisurely or are fed some delectable treats. Kids especially adore this kind of activity.

1 Days
Group Size

Camel Feeding

Have you ever had a close encounter with a camel? It's a must-do activity for Casela! The camels especially like a good treat and are quite appreciative of the attention.

  • Duration:- 5 - 10 min
  • Time:-09h15 -16h00
  • Age:- more than 5 yrs

Drive thru to see lions & tigers

The protected 4x4 vehicle takes you on a 45-minute drive into the domain of our lions and tigers, where you can watch them in their natural environment and learn about these huge animals with our Rangers.

  • Duration:-45 min
  • Time slots:- 10h00, 11h00,
  • 13h30, 14h30 & 15h30
  • Pre-Booking compulsory

Interaction with caracal or serval

This 10 to 15-minute visit brings you into the serval & caracal enclosure, where you will get to see these wonderful animals up close.

  • Duration:- 15 min
  • Time:- 09h15-16h15
  • Pre-Booking compulsory
  • Height :-more than 1m45
  • Age:- more than10yrs

Interaction with cheetah

This 10- to 15-minute visit brings you into the cheetah enclosure, where you may observe these wonderful animals up close.

  • Duration:- 15 min
  • Time slots:-10h30, 11h00,11h30,12h00 13h30, 14h30, 15h00, 15h30
  • Pre-Booking compulsory
  • Height:- more than 1m50
  • Age:- more than 15yrs
  • 6 pax / session

Lions cubs interactions

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to view and care for infant lion cubs. These fur balls are so fun and charming that you'll fall in love with them! A moment to treasure forever.

  • Duration:-10 min
  • Pre-Booking compulsory
  • Height :- more than 1m20
  • Age :- more than 8yrs
  • Durations (5 - 10 min)
  • Time (09h15 -16h00 )
  • Height (more than 1m20)
  • Age (More than 5yrs)
  • Weight (Less than 100kg )
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