Round Island Shark trip

  • Level : Certified divers
  • Kind of dive: Drift (Cathedral) – Wall (The big Wall) – Canyon (Snake Canyon)
  • Meeting time is 8h30 and are back at around 14h30, may be later between July and October if we see some humpback whales on the way back
  • This trip offers the best dive spot in Mauritius, for those who are looking for something special! Even the most experienced divers might remember this day!.
  • The visibility is incredible with at least 20m, an average of 35m and often more than 50m!!!
  • We are not feeding fishes, but you have a huge probability to watch grey reef sharks, white or black tips, and with luck some others shark's species, but not only, there are barracudas, eagle rays, king fishes, groupers…Even without fishes, the scenery is awesome!
  • Certified divers will be able to do 2 dives with an hour of surface interval, the first one on Cathedral, the second one depending the sea condition and what has been seen.
  • These dives are “sport” diving, because we encounter often current and swell, sometimes it can be rough.
  • We ask for all less experienced divers to join us before on another trip to check their capability to dive at Round Island.
  • We offer a light meal on the way back, with lamb sandwiches, apple pie, beers. Veg meal are also available
Cancellation policy
Bookings cancelled 48 hours or more prior to the day of the excursion will be subjected to 50% cancellation charge. Bookings cancelled 24 hours or less prior to the day of excursions will be subjected to 100% cancellation charge.

1 Days
Group Size
  • Durations (Cruising - 1 day a week , 60 minutes )
  • Durations (6 hours )
  • Lunch included
  • Transport not included
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