Vallee De Ferney

Embarking on a journey through La Vallée de Ferney offers more than a mere stroll: it promises an indelible experience in a one-of-a- kind setting, where the mesmerizing flora and fauna of Mauritius unfold before you. La Valley de Ferney is a 200 hectare forest and wildlife reserve in the Bambou Mountains. Established in 2006 as a response to potential threats from a highway construction project, the reserve focuses on conserving and restoring the indigenous forests of the valley. The reserve includes a stone museum, gardens with useful plants, a restaurant in a converted hunting lodge, giant tortoises, and a nursery selling endemic and endangered plant species, some rediscovered after presumed extinction. The reserve also safeguards endangered animal species such as the Mauritius Kestrel and the Mauritian flying fox, contributing significantly to conversation efforts in a region where less than 2% of indigenous ecosystems remain intact.

1 Days
Vallee De Ferney
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With only 2 % of native forest left in Mauritius, La Vallee de Ferney is home to a 200 ha conservation zone where multiple endemic plants and birds are reintroduced every year.

  • Time & Day (Open from Monday to Sunday as from 08:30 am to 5.00 pm )
  • Materials Needed (Don’t forget to wear sport shoes, hat/cap , sweater /k way & spare clothes Mosquito repellent & sun cream is recommended Bring a water bottle )
  • Cancellation (Ferney reserves the right to cancel the activity in case of bad weather and in major cause )
  • Pre Booking (Booking required and upon availability )
  • Additional services (1)Showers available 2)Should you call for assistance to be picked up, a charge of Rs 500 per person will be done ( does not apply in case of emergency and/or accident ))
  • Policy (If a person is found littering on the premises, the latter will be fined Rs 1000 )
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